Share My Driving License


As of the 8th of June 2015, the DVLA have abolished the paper part of the driving license. This means that the paper part will no longer be accepted when hiring a vehicle from any company. All of your driving license details will now be stored electronically, with the card license still valid.

Therefore, customers who wish to hire a vehicle will now need to visit DVLA’s new system called ‘Share My Driving License’ and generate an access code which you should bring along with you along with your card license and proof of address (within 1 month) on the day of your hire.

It’s actually a really simple process and here’s how to do it:

Step 1
Go to and enter the your details.

Step 2
Once you have accessed the system, click the tab ‘Share Your License Information’.

Step 3
Create a code and make a note of it – Please note that these codes are only valid for 72 hours and can only be used once.

Step 4 (recommended)
Print your license information by clicking ‘View, print or save your license information’.
This will also include the check code which we need.

It is imperative that we have this code along with your card license and proof of address within the month, on the day of hire otherwise you will not be able to hire a vehicle from us.
Failure to provide the above information will result in a loss of hire with any outstanding balances due.
No refunds under any circumstances for failure to provide documentation.